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Thorough Bookkeeping Services in Elkhorn, NE

Stay on top of your finances with Purposeful Profit Pro, the leaders in bookkeeping. We’ve helped non-profit and for-profit organizations in Elkhorn, NE, for over five years and are committed to keeping your accounts organized so that your operations run smoothly. From maintaining and generating financial statements to balancing your accounts, our professional bookkeepers, including owner Rachelle Swanson, will help you achieve continued success.

Financial Statements

Thorough Financial Statements

Save time by letting us do the number crunching for you while you run your business. Our experienced bookkeepers will generate detailed financial statements, including accounts payable and accounts receivable. Knowing your current financial situation will help you maintain a better relationship with your vendors, understand potential liabilities, and be aware of the money that is owed to your business.


Balanced Accounts

Stay out of debt when you choose our bookkeeping services. Beyond basic records management and financial statement preparation, our bookkeepers will also ensure your bank accounts and credit card statements are reconciled. Balancing your accounts will help you make better financial decisions, detect unusual charges, and ultimately protect your business from potential lawsuits.

Efficient Record Keeping

Purposeful Profit Pro only hires the most detailed and professional bookkeepers who are passionate about record retention, organization, and staying compliant to prevent penalties by detecting potential issues with your financial records. We use state-of-the-art bookkeeping software that not only guarantees privacy but also accuracy.


Stay Organized

Whether your business needs financial planning or standard bookkeeping services, Purposeful Profit Pro will help your business stay organized. Call us today to speak with a bookkeeper.

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